Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Post-Post-Modern Wisdom

Which do you value more--

your wealth or your wellness?
Which is more harmful--
To lead or to lose?

The greater is your attachment
the more bereft is your loss
The more you hoard,
the less is left to enjoy.

Those on the path
to the Tao
flow without forcing,
leaving no space for disasters.

-Lao Tzu
Tao Te Ching


janet said...

持 而 盈 之 , 不 如 其 已 ﹔
揣 而 锐 之 , 不 可 长 保 。
金 玉 满 堂 , 莫 之 能 守 ﹔
富 贵 而 骄 , 自 遗 其 咎 。
功 遂 身 退 , 天 之 道 也 。
:)do you read Chinese by any chance? Is this the chapter translated?

Adam Juice said...

hah, no I don't read chinese :(
I can't even see what letters those are. Just: ????

janet said...

:) too bad...I think that's the passage from which your "wisdom" is translated, but I'm not sure

Adam Juice said...

In my book it's 'verse 44'.