Sunday, November 9, 2008

What do the racists and crazies do now?

Now that the "Muslim" named "Hussein" ("that one" who "palls around with terrorists") has won the election, what's going to happen to all the wackos and nutbars who couldn't fathom an Obama victory?

As it became more and more likely that Barack Obama might actually win the presidency, the level of fear among racists and xenophobes in the US reached a fever pitch. At times it seemed like McCain would be overrun by the colourful characters who would show up to his rallies to explain "He's a Muslim," and scream "Kill him!"

Like rats out of the woodwork, these bigots emerged to remind us why Obama's run for president is so historic. Underneath the vaneer of a diverse, freedom-for-all America lurk lingering prejudices.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read a story in the Globe and Mail about one Missouri voter. would be easier [for him] if Mr. Obama were white. In fact, he would find it difficult to vote for him if he were really African-American - "that's black slave American," he helpfully explains to this foreigner.

...Fortunately, Barack Obama's not really an African-American, just an American with an African father. But still, he feels "queasy" about that.
The loathing of American blacks is so strong in this man that having a black father born in another continent is to Obama's credit.

In another interview, for the PBS program NOW, a Virginia woman named Tracy said this:
I can't imagine having a president of the United States being named President Obama! I really have a problem with that. And I am not the only one.

... A mother that was an atheist. Ho! That really gets to me. A father that was a Muslim. That should get to everyone!

But the Obamas say they're faith-based, the interviewer offers. They're Christians.
The church they were members of, that's not the Christianity I know. That's not the Christianity that's in the bible.

It's amazing to watch how this hateful woman hides her bigotry behind Christianity. She even wields religion like a knife at her husband's throat. The interviewer asks what Tracy thinks about him considering voting for Obama to protect his job.

"I will pray for him," she says ominously. "He knows what the right decision is."

Despite Tracy's desperate prayers, the state of Virginia went for Barack Obama on election day.

So, what will she do now? And what will all the "Kill him!" screamers do? These crazies have all but disappeared from the media spotlight as the chattering classes have shifted the gabfest to Obama's transition. But does that mean the racist scum hiding in the dark, moist crevice of American society has vanished, or at least gone into hibernation?

I doubt it.

Click here to watch the NOW piece about swing voters in Virginia. The interview with Tracy starts at 9:10.

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